If you are about to move, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind. Probably, too much questions. How to label moving boxes is one of the many questions that you will be asking. While most people just tend to have just one or maybe two boxes at their move, there are actually several ways to categorize your moving boxes so as to make packing even simpler and to drastically cut down on the amount of confusion that you will be experiencing along the way. If you follow these tips, though, you will discover that these tips are the ones that really stand out and will really make a difference in the efficiency of the movers.

– Label moving boxes with tape. Whether you are using bubble wrap or newspaper, you can easily label your boxes with tape and keep it simple. In addition to being very easy to use, tape also preserves your boxes well so that they can be reused after they are finally placed back on the ground. This is especially important if you want to avoid placing any fragile items inside your moving boxes since they might get damaged easily if they are put inside an overly spacious box.

– Put labels on the outside. Now, this doesn’t mean putting labels on your boxes like it would the other way around. When you are about to move, it is very easy to just take everything out of its original packing and into your new home. Therefore, you should make sure that you label moving boxes like it makes sense. Put the identification information and the name of the company or person that you are shipping with the address on the outside so that you know where your box will be going to when you receive it at the new place.

– Mark the exact contents. If you have a lot of different boxes, it would probably look much better if they are all labeled by you. However, if you have a few boxes that have the same exact contents, it would be more professional looking if you mark each box with a unique number so that you can easily find what you’re looking for when you open up your box. Of course, you should also make use of color coded tape so that you can easily find the contents of each box.

– Mark your box as low priority. If you are about to pack things in low priority, you can do so by using the tape to label them. By simply putting low priority on the box, you can easily tell whoever is packing your things that you don’t need to be there with them during the unpacking process. This will prevent you from wasting your time when someone else unpacks your belongings and puts them in their rightful places.

– Write your moving boxes’ destination room code. Your destination room is the place where your new home will be delivered to. By simply writing this code right on the packing box, you will be able to know precisely where your things will be delivered to. This will help you out so that you can make sure that these things will arrive in good shape. And in case you will be relocating across town, you can always include the new address of your destination room in your new home’s address so that you will know exactly where you have to go to get your new belongings.

– Mark your boxes with pictures. Most people use pictures to mark their boxes, but some people would rather have a simple written label. There is really no difference between the two. The important thing here is just that you have something to put pictures of your finished packing. Remember that the pictures can also serve as clues to help you find your boxes later on.

– Use colored tape to write your name and address on top of your boxes. This may seem pretty useless when you are talking about convenience, but this actually serves a lot of purposes. First, it makes sure that you are only putting your own personal items inside your boxes. You wouldn’t want to have your husband or boyfriend going to your boxes to find something that he forgot in his briefcase. Also, by placing your name and address on top of your boxes, you can easily write them down and keep them handy without having to lift them off every time you open a drawer or drawerful of stuff.