Tips For Packing Heavy Items


Heavy items can make you feel lost while relocating. It is important that you pack it right if you do not planning to hire packing services. Here is how you do it – simple and effective…

Get the necessary packing materials
Wrap the item well in the packing materials thus obtained
Place those items in a sturdy cardboard box that is capable of holding its weight
Ensure you fill in the empty space in the box with pieces of cardboard, packing peanuts or bubble wraps
Place this box in another sturdy box that is an inch or two bigger
Ensure you give proper padding and support for the original packing box
For fragile items, mark on the outer box as to which is the right side up
Ensure that weight distribution is equal – place the heaviest items in the center to ensure that the box doesn’t tilt due to the weight on one side
Don’t make heavy boxes as it poses health risks to whomsoever lifts it
It is imperative that you use professional packers for those items that weigh more than 150 lbs